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1. We get to know you - as much as possible. We also help you to learn about what you can expect from working with us. We investigate and identify who you are from multiple angles. We evaluate varying contexts that relate to you academics, extracurricular, and most importantly, personally. We endeavor to build a solid basis for the next phase of your analysis.

2. We test and validate what we learn about you. We recommend future courses of action, and you decide on which courses are best for building your profile. Analyze all possibilities we can, break each possibility down to smallest pieces, and formulate potential concepts for your candidacy.

3. We build your potential college list based on what we have. We offer you a spectrum of relevant matters to consider, we recommend which colleges you want to explore, and you decide on which colleges to keep on your list. Your best-fit search accelerates, and we help you to research and build connections with the colleges of your preference.

4. We formulate your admissions strategy and plan the next months or years to execute. We review details with you, you test them, and we rebuild the strategy until it is deemed complete. This process accelerates our customized approaches to different colleges you will apply to for admission. Your strategy and plan will strengthen your confidence since you will have the big picture in your hands.

5. We develop your application components and align them cohesively and consistently with your profile. We test them together and help you to gain full control over all component information. We project how the components will interact and instill in you new ideas or values you want repositioned in your application. This calibration process will further accelerate our customized approaches to different colleges of your choice.

6. We enhance your academic and/or extracurricular activities. We plan, execute and assess your performance day-to-day, week-to-week, or month-to-month depending on what you decide based on our recommendations. The depth we build academically and extracurricularly will help to better define how you can stand out. This repositioning process will accelerate our efforts to help stand you out as most unique as possible.

7. We help you to prepare your personalized materials to share with your teacher evaluators and outside recommenders for your recommendation letters. They will know what to look for as they differentiate you rather than transcribing a few pages of your transcript. This differentiation process will further enhance your candidacy qualitatively, and any discovery can prompt us to revisit multiple aspects of your application and details of your application components in conjunction with your evaluators as needed.

8. We train you to complete your applications and monitor and review the process through which you complete your applications. We help you to discover and manage problems or challenges after submitting your applications. Constant, meticulous attention to details is a must, not an option in this critical application submission and review process. We stay alert at all times to ensure that you are not disadvantaged by the occurrence of any event and recommend specific courses of action if needed.

9. We help you to prepare and send in updates to colleges selectively as needed through the fall, winter, and or the spring. What you update can matter and influence how they evaluate you, which is why you want to be prepared in advance to be timely as needed. Remember, any offer of admission you receive is conditional, and you have so much time until you matriculate in the fall. Anything can happen.

10. We help you to act on Early/Regular Action/Decision results. We provide you with which factors to consider when deciding on the college of your matriculation. We also help you to manage your waitlist situation as needed. For future gap-year takers and transfer applicants, we build specific action plans from well before high school graduation.