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Take control of your child's education at Summit Edu Academy, a professional organization providing test prep, academic tutoring, and admissions consulting services in Ridgefield, New Jersey.

We proudly serve our clients hailing from Bergen County, New York City, Boston, Los Angeles, and other locations from around the world.

Summit Edu Academy highly values personalized guidance and the best resources we use to help our students achieve their academic goals.

Learning experiences form layers of success, but at the foundation of every success are our instructors and consultants.

They include former and current teachers from varying levels of school, former admissions officers and professors from some of the most prestigious colleges including Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Stanford, and MIT.

We help our students assess and determine where they are in their path of education.

We are committed to improving students’ weaknesses while helping them with paving their ways toward reaching their academic goals.

We take our commitment to every student very seriously.

Our Mission

To help students learn how and what it means to work hard and consistently.

To help students better shape their character with the knowledge and skills they master.

To help elementary, middle, and high school students achieve highest grades and scores possible.

To help students get into the colleges of their choice.

All Students Receive a Free Consultation & Academic Assessment


Giving Your Students the Tools to Succeed

Feel confident in the classroom with the help of the knowledgeable and friendly tutors at Summit Edu Academy. Our professionals are here to help your child's test scores soar to the top of the charts. Through intensive study programs and personalized academic help, elementary through high school students are sure to see their grades and classroom understanding improve.

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 * Located one block south of Pine Plaza.

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24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week.

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Proudly serving Ridgefield and Bergen County, New Jersey, and New York City

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